Happy Thursday Everyone!

Hopefully, This will be the last change to our Saturday Sweeps.
The two items that have changed are, 3 drives each and Paula and her beverage cart will be serving beverages and snacks from 8:00a-12:00p.

Saturday is our Guest Day Hamburger Open with a shotgun start at 8:30.
Please join us at 8:00 for a group picture on the putting green.
As of 9-21-23, we have 76 players and we can still use more.

We should be done around 1:00 with lunch about 1:30-1:45 in the Sports Lounge.
Scoring will be completed on Sunday or Monday.

CTP will be hole #7.

Members with a guest should pay for their guest before you play.
18 holes is $19 plus $17 for a cart.  They also should pay the $5.00 for sweeps and $1 for CTP.  
There has to be at least one MGC member per foursome.

We are requiring 3 drives from each player for our scramble and
below will be our Handicap scoring.
You can play from White or Red, so adjust your handicap accordingly

0-3 is a 0
4-6 is a .5
7-9 is a 1
10-12 is a 1.5
13-15 is a 2
16-18 is a 2.5
19-21 is a 3
22-25 is a 3.5
26 & up is a 4.

Deduct the handicap from your gross score.
Player 1 is a 18 HC= 2.5
Player 2 is a 6 HC= .5
Player 3 is a 12 HC= 1.5
Player 4 is a 22 HC= 3.5
Your gross score was a 88-8 HC for a net of 80.

If you have a guest and they don’t have a GHIN number, their handicap will be an 18 for either red or white.