2024 NCGA 12 Man Teams

12-Man Team Captains

Thursday Team Captain:
Bob Yates    805-551-0065
[email protected] 
Saturday Team Captains:
Andy Williams      925-918-2828
[email protected]
Charlie Mullen    925-667-7035 
[email protected]
If you’re interested in becoming a 12-Man Team member, contact any Team Captain.
Requirements: Current LOPMGC Member

12-Man Events

Schedule TBA, probably starts in May

NCGA Website info: 

What is 12-Man?

LOPMGC calls the NCGA “Team Match” sponsored series of events “12-man”  


 The Team Match Program is a competition between players that belong to regular NCGA member clubs. Events use a format where two players from a side face off against two players from an opposing side in four-ball and individual matches concurrently, with players earning two points for a win and one point for a tie.